Connect With Our Staff


Alan Glover

Alan Glover is the director of Pro Age, he runs the day to day operations.
Email: Alan Glover

Brenda van Loggem, MSN, RNP

Brenda van Loggem is an expert in Age Management (BHRT) and Aesthetic Medicine. She is one of the founders of Pro Age Medical and Aesthetics.

Anne Wu, BSN, RN

Anne Wu is dedicated, highly trained and focuses on facial aesthetics primarily through injectables and laser procedures.
Email: Anne Wu

Krystal Nempsey

Krystal is responsible for taking care of your needs, from scheduling to refill requests. Krystal always has a smile and is eager to assist you.

Brian Levine, M.D. Medical Director

Dr. Levine is the medical director, he offers a great bed side manner and is a fantastic physician.